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A return to ancient traditions and sacred adornment.

Intention, Create, Magic

Why Tribal Waist Beads


The purpose of Tribal Waist Beads is to support women at the present stage in their journey. Each set is custom made, based on the needs and energy of each woman. Our process starts with a consultation via phone or in person, so that we can set intentions for the waist beads and to establish what purpose they will serve. Based on what is shared, a crystal prescription of colors and stones are created to support you where you are.

These sacred waist beads are used to tap into our Divine Feminine Energy and serve as a reminder of the powers we have within to create what we want in our lives. The different colors, stones, and numerical patterns, are used to promote rebirth, healing, love, protection, and strength. Resting on our wombs, we use this space, where all creation begins, to plant new seeds of abundance. Your womb is the gateway to your healing. The semi-precious stones and crystals infused with the beads connect with the powers of your womb to support you as you shift into the best version of you.

Tribal Waist Beads are a return to ancient practices. Waist Beads are an ancient tradition of sacred adornment that have been used to increase fertility, prosperity, symbolize feminism, and manage weight. They were also seen used in rites of passage ceremonies for young girls once they start their cycle.


Waist beads are for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. They serve as daily reminders of the intentions you set for yourself. Each set comes with a womb journal and a palo santo stick. Use your womb journal so you can release all that no longer serves you and to write the life you want to create for yourself.  The palo santo stick can be used to bring forth joy & abundance to your sacred space. It can also be used to cleanse & activate your waist beads.

·         Manage Weight

·         Prosperity

·         Magnetize Love

·         Fertility

·         Release Sexual trauma

·         Increase Libido

·         Embrace Femininity

·         Transition

·         Rites of Passage

"Since antiquity, Afrakan women have worn waist beads around their hips to represent protection, fertility, and the beauty of the womb. It is an adornment of femininity."

~Queen Afua


"A woman with Tribal waist beads walks around smiling with her intentions wrapped around her waist." 

                                              ~Zanetta Tribble


The process starts with a consultation to assess what your intentions are and what you want your waist beads to represent. The $25 will go towards your total purchase.


The purpose of this workshop is to focus on healing the Heart Space and encouraging guests to go deeper into their Self Love practices.

*Saging all guests to prepare for beading ceremony 

*Speaking on the history of Waist Beads 

*Adorning each guest with sacred waist beads


The purpose of this workshop is focus on removing blockages to increase your flow of abundance​

*Saging all guests to prepare for beading ceremony

*Speaking on the history of Waist Beads & sharing my personal healing journey 

*Intention Setting Ceremony which includes adorning each guest with Sacred Waist Beads

*Guided Breath Work Exercise

*Light Refreshments

The purpose of this workshop is to set a powerful intention and anchor it in the womb space by creating your own Sacred Waist Beads

*Includes everything from Package B

*Each guest will create their own waist beads 

*Vegan Meal

tribal waist bead logo-WHITE-01.png

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