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Zanetta Tribble is the founder and owner of Tribal Waist Beads. She is a Sacred Woman Practitioner & Waist Beads Priestess, and has been creating waist beads since 2012. A native of Los Angeles by way of Detroit, she hosts and facilitates various workshops, retreats, panel discussions, and wellness fairs surrounding holistic healing and sacred sexuality.


Zanetta went through the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage Program via Queen Afua in the Spring of 2016 which further inspired her spiritual journey allowing her to align with her tribe and ignite her transformation and rebirth. It was a life changing experience that catapulted all of her life’s work into her divine practice of womb alchemy and heart-centered healing.


Through her works, she created a platform where women and men can gather the necessary tools to connect deeper within themselves, activating self-love and a higher level of consciousness of ones innate power of healing.


Zanetta supports and holds space for others along their journey to shift into the best versions of themselves. She is a powerful manifestor and helps others tap into their magic

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