Zanetta Tribble El has been creating waist beads since 2012. She got her first set in the summer of 2011 from an elder in Berkeley, California named Queen Nzinga. She had never heard of waist beads before but found herself being drawn to them. It was a very unfamiliar and foreign custom to her, but she immediately felt something tingle in her womb when the elder placed the amethyst ones around her womb. Up to that point, she only knew that amethyst was her birthstone and her favorite color, purple. Even though she always felt intuitively drawn to it, she wasn’t aware of the healing properties it contained, and little did she know that it would transform her life and be a major healing tool dealing with her depression. 


At the time, she didn’t know of anyone else in Los Angeles making waist beads, so she decided to start creating them and showcasing them at her events in hopes of introducing a new mode of healing to other women as well cultivating their relationship with their wombs.

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