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Meet Your Facilitators

Our retreat is led by an experienced yoga instructor, holistic healing advocates, and spiritual guides on a transformative journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion.

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Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Waistbead Priestess

Zanetta has hosted various workshops, retreats, panel discussions, and wellness fairs surrounding holistic healing and sacred sexuality. Through her platform women and men have gathered the necessary tools to connect deeper within themselves, activating self-love and a higher level of consciousness. She is a powerful manifestor and helps others tap into their magic.

Kemetic Yogi

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

Bro. Kamean (Kemetic Yogi) is a Kemetic Yoga Teacher, Master Level Ra Sekhi Practitioner (Kemetic Reiki), plant based chef, and plant medicine guide. He’s been living in Ghana for the past nine years and has hosted more than 300 diasporans on his Roots & Culture Tours.


Empowerment & Self-Development Coach

Alicia Monet is 
Divine Inspiration in the flesh. She emits love, peace, healing, & restoration, encouraging all to operate from their highest potential. Alicia is dedicated to reminding you of who you truly are & how to trust your internal gps system.

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Adventure • Self Reflection • Culture

Join us for an extraordinary adventure as we journey to the heart of Ghana, a land pulsating with history, culture, and profound spiritual energy. Our retreat, Ghana: Journey to the Motherland, invites you to reconnect with your roots, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Ghanaian heritage, and embark on a soul-stirring odyssey of self-discovery.

Wli Waterfall
Elimina Slave Castle
Kakum National Park

Immersive Yoga Retreat Experience

Local Authentic Cuisine

Experienced & Empowering Guides

14 Days of 

Throughout our 14-day expedition, you'll traverse breathtaking landscapes, from the serene shores of Cape 3 Points to the vibrant streets of Accra. Each destination holds a unique theme, offering you a holistic journey of restoration, reclamation, liberation, and self-realization.

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Experience the diversity of eco-conscious lodging options throughout our retreat, ranging from  beachfront resorts to charming glamping sites. Rest assured, each accommodation is thoughtfully selected to prioritize sustainability and comfort, ensuring you feel truly at home in the heart of Ghana.

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Airport Transport

Yoga Day & Night

Plant Medicine Ceremony




Cape Coast & Elmina

Slave  Dungeons

Kakum National Park

Wli Falls

Private Beach and Rooftop Party

Cultural Activities

Batik Design, Waistbeads, Mens Drum Workshop


Local Cuisine

Daily Breakfast, Select Lunches and Dinners



for payment/deposit received by/before 4/30/24


for payment/deposit received  AFTER 4/30/24


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